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Mike's Vision for LaGrange and Steuben County

It's time to vote for a  change! 



Preserving our schools for the future

       The bulk of Indiana's budget is for maintaining public education. That vast amount of money is an easy target for misuse. The decade long trend of siphoning off public money to failing private charters should end. Our state lawmakers are responsible to make sure Indiana has the best possible public schools. Any laws that hinder that responsibility should be removed. Laws designed to erode trust in education should not even pass out of committee.

Children Arriving at School


Caring for our children who need it most

   Anyone who has raised a child in LaGrange and Steuben county in the last decade knows that finding child care can be hard. The issue is not quality, but quantity. This was made worse by the recent epidemic. Sadly, there simply is not a statewide program in Indiana to help solve this problem. There should be. Any step towards a comprehensive and affordable program would be welcome in LaGrange and Steuben County. Making this happen should be a top priority for the State Assembly.

Children and Teacher in Kindergarten


Making it possible to live and prosper

   All people should have access to a home. It is one of the foundations of freedom. People need safe and affordable shelter to secure their life, raise a family, and rest and recuperate. We need laws and policy to make sure those in need can have dignified housing, whether it be through financial aid, tax credits, creating new zoning,  revitalizing local communities, or all the above. Increasing the minimum wage would also make it easier for families to move to and stay in LaGrange and Steuben counties. 

Suburb Family Home



Protecting our lakes, rivers, and farms

   What draws folks in and keeps us living in LaGrange and Steuben counties are our natural resources. Our farmlands sustain us, our lakes provide for us, and our wilderness recreate us . We need to make sure we find the balance between use and conservation. That balance will ensure our children can enjoy what we do. Public laws should make sure that comes true. Incentives to find new and sustainable uses for our land should be a priority for lawmakers. 


  Too many of us have suffered the loss of multiple loved ones from suicide. Five of my friends died of suicide. Tragedy rising from mental health issues does not have to be so extreme, though, to cause lasting harm to families and friends. Not only does LaGrange and Steuben county need better access to mental health services, we need to remove the stigma of getting mental help in the first place. We should not be afraid to get mental therapy. Our communities, businesses, and schools can only benefit from investing in mental health. 


Healing our wounded hearts and minds

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