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Mike thrilled at Corn School street fair



     The LaGrange County Democrats hosted Mike for Corn School on Thursday and Saturday, and Mike had the chance to meet new folks and greet old friends. LaGrange is rightly proud of its traditional street fair  Corn School street fair, and Mike had a amazing time taking part in it with the rest of LaGrange.  Keeping Indiana traditions alive is important to Mike, and he was happy to be at the Democrat booth. It was right by most of the rides, and the streets were packed.  The Democrat booth also happened to be next to the very popular booth run by Courtside Restaurant, selling some excellent authentic Mexican food. The long line passed right by the Democrats display, giving Mike and and Tom Swihart, Candidate for LaGrange County Council, the chance to meet and listen to lots of people!

     Again, most they spoke to agreed that their public schools needed better funding, as they hated seeing their schools close and their teachers underpaid. They also liked hearing Mike's desire to lower taxes by properly funding our public schools, as that would end the need for referendums in the future.

     Mike and the bus joined the party on Saturday for one of the many parades of the week.  There were so many people out on the route for Corn School, the team ran out of both fliers and candy . It was yet again  a beautiful, sunny Indiana day, a successful parade, and a great way to end the parade season for the campaign. Huge thanks to the LaGrange County Democrats for hosting Mike. Even more thanks go especially to all those who supported Mike in the parades by volunteering their time, walking with him all those miles, and marching for a change in state government.

Mike listens to Orland residents during canvassing



      After spending the morning announcing at the North East Corner Conference Cross Country All-Conference Meet, Mike met up with Team Travis and the bus to meet the folks of Orland. Lunch at Chubby's started the event, and the afternoon was  warm and sunny, perfect for canvassing! Again, the concern Mike and the crew heard was the lack of respectable affordable housing, so necessary to the growth of Orland. Everyone talked with was clearly proud of their town, and want it to continue to thrive. Without a growing population in affordable housing, it won't. Mike heard the message loud and clear. 

     To end the day of walking and handing out yard signs, Mike watched the end of the Orland Tigers football games at the town park, where folks told Mike of their concerns about the teacher shortage and the imbalance in state and local government.

Mike attends Northeast Indiana  Optometrist dinner


    Mike made it to the Fort Wayne Country Club tonight to attend the biannual Meet the Candidates dinner held by the Northeast Indiana Optometric Society​. Also in attendance were current Indiana State Representatives Ben Smaltz, Phil GiaQuinta, and Denny Zent. The event was a civil affair, and Mike learned much about the work the NIOS does to promote good vision for all, especially children, while keeping the standards of their profession high. Mike repeated his pledge to listen to the scientific professional associations whenever possible when elected, rather than 'rubber-stamp' legislation without considering the expert opinion of those who know.

Howe greets Mike and the bus in Summer Days Parade



     After fueling up with coffee, Mike and US Representative candidate Gary Snyder joined State Treasurer candidate Jessica McClellan at the Howe Summer Days Parade. LaGrange County Democrats teamed up with the bus in their float highlighting local and county candidates. All-in-all, Howe was treated to the most state and federal level candidates they've seen in a long while! Again the weather was perfect, and Howe greeted them warmly, smiles and handshakes abounded. They passed out over 100 fliers, getting the word about the good that Democrats bring to the table, and that Jessica, Gary and Mike have what it takes to the job, but it take voting for a change to make to it happen.

     After the parade, all the candidates spent time at the LaGrange County booth in the fair area, enjoying some fair food, listening to live music, and getting to know the fine folks of Howe.

State Democrat Summer Promise Tour stops for coffee in Angola



     Cahoot's Cafe hosted the Steuben County stop of Indiana Democrat Summer Promise Tour today for a nice crowd of voters. a fair amount of them educators from across Steuben County. After everyone treated themselves to some excellent coffee and pastry,  event coordinator Drew Anderson spoke about all the ways the  State Democrat Party has been getting legislation passed that really helps everyday folk with kitchen table issues. If there were more Democrats in state and local government, there would even more people getting helped. We certainly would not be seeing women lose rights during an unplanned summer session of the State Assembly. 

     Mike spoke next, and hit home the consequences of bad education policies under the GOP supermajority control.  As example, he reminded the crowd that if the state fully funded public education instead of increasing voucher and charter funds, people's taxes would do down, since referendums wouldn't be needed. 

     Gary Snyder, in his third public appearance in Angola, stated his determination to codify abortion and other women's rights as federal law when voters choose to fire Jim Banks and elect Gary to the US House of Representatives. 

     Judy Rowe, running for Steuben County Council, had final remarks about Democrats' ability to come up with the best solutions and ideas, rather than wait until a problem becomes a crisis or come up with divisive and wasteful solutions that help only a few.

    Overall, it was clear that change is needed for Indiana in all levels of Government and Democrats like Gary, Judy, and Mike have what it takes to to the job.

More canvassing in Fremont, Mike meets concerned educators



     As promised, Mike returned to Fremont to finish up meeting folks and listening to their concerns.​ Turned out that many teachers and retired teachers lived in the turf he started with, and they were excited to hear he was endorsed by ISTA, and that he was fighting to restore funding and respect to our public schools.  The upcoming referendum was still a topic of discussion as was the crisis over housing and the gas company. Again, people were happy to meet Mike and so many said they never had anyone in government come to their door to ask them what they thought or be listened to. Mike was happy to do it and can't wait for more!

Steuben Democrats host ZeNai Brooks at ice cream social



Friday was a special day for Steuben County Democrats and Mike as State Auditor Candidate ZeNai Brooks came to Angola to canvass and be the special guest at the Democrats ice cream social event. Both track athletes, Mike was ZeNai's partner as they boarded the bus and knock on doors in downtown Angola.

   Afterwards, ZeNai spoke as the crowd enjoyed ice cream, speaking about how how she is devoted to visiting every county in Indiana and showing folks that she has what it takes to balance Indiana's books and root out waste. Mike followed with remarks about the need to bring balance back to the statehouse, that so many years with no opposition has led to bad policy and law. This is a large cause of Indiana having a teacher shortage, lacking respectable affordable housing, and overall having worsening standards of living. 

Fall canvassing season begins in Fremont



     Hoping to achieve his goal in meeting folks in every city, town, and lake community in Steuben and LaGrange County, Mike began his campaign to election day victory by canvassing Fremont today. Mike and the Bus made stops all over Fremont after waiting for a morning thunderstorm to pass. the wait was worth it as Mike and Team Travis were able to knock on over a hundred doors, listening to residents' concerns about the upcoming referendum and the problems with expanding Fremont's housing due to conflict with gas companies. Since the beginning, Mike has been campaign on just those issues. The rain kept Team Travis from knocking on all doors they wanted, so Mike will be back soon to finish the job!

Orland welcomes Mike at Vermont Settlers Days


JULY 30​
Orland is rightly proud of its status as the oldest town in Steuben County. Folks there are also proud of their caring community and Mike was honored to join them in their Vermont Settlers Day Parade today. The streak of perfect days for a parade continued, and again the kids on the bus showered candy upon the crowd. Plenty of former students recognized Mike either as their child's teacher or as their middle school social studies teacher! Mike was joined by  Judy Rowe, candidate for County Council, and Lon Keyes. Mike will be back to Orland on October 1 to canvass and listen to people concerns.

Teacher Unions endorse Mike for Indiana State Representative



    When it rains, it pours. Within a day, Mike was honored with endorsements from both state-wide educator associations, first the American Federation of Teachers, an affiliate of the AFL-CIO, and also the Indiana State Teachers Association, the largest teachers union in the state.   Mike always has and always will support public education and knows these organizations do the same. They feel it's time for a change, and having more educators in the statehouse is good policy. Mike agrees and hopes the folks of LaGrange and Steuben county feel the same.

Mike speaks at Women's Rights rally in Angola



   Today Mike spoke before a large group of supporters of women's rights as they gathered outside the Steuben County Courthouse to oppose efforts by the GOP supermajority to ban abortions in Indiana. Mike called on the Indiana Assembly to hold off on any changes to abortion laws until after the November election. A ban would not solve any issues, rather it would simply make women criminals for trying to save their own lives and mental health. If they truly cared about reducing abortions, the statehouse should:

  1. Create comprehensive sex education that does not simply focus on abstinence only

  2. Require more paid family leave during and after pregnancy

  3. Totally oblige men responsible for pregnancies to pay their full share child care costs all the way to adulthood

  4. Reduce the costs and ease the hurdles for adoption

  5. Provide free prenatal care

  6. Provide stronger protection for women in abusive relationships

    Following remarks by rally organizers, attendees organized into a short march which Mike took part in, for Mike believes women should have control over their bodies, not be made criminals for doing so.

Fourth of July Parade a huge success for Mike and Team Travis



     The Angola Fourth of July Parade is one of the biggest event of the year in Steuben County, and Mike was there with supporters and more. After some false starts, the well-attended parade went wonderfully on yet another amazing sunny summer day. The route was the longest parade so far for Team Travis, but staying plenty hydrated, Mike and the crew passed out two five-gallon buckets of candy and over 200 fliers highlighting Mike's qualifications and platform positions.

     Mike has lived in Angola for over two decades, and his house is on the parade route, within sight of the Soldiers Monument. It was, therefore, a proud moment for Mike to walk the route and see his father on the porch, watching his son doing his part for the community, running for state representative, wanting to help people in need. 

      Later Mike, his family, and father went to the festival activities at Commons Park to enjoy some fair food, games, and music, as has been tradition for many years. The Fourth of July is a special time for Mike, both for its crucial historical importance with the signing of the Declaration of Independence, but also as a time of community spirit and family bonding. 

     Mike and his family of course also spent the night staying up late to watch the always spectacular fireworks show at the park!

Mike only candidate to walk Stroh Days parade



     Mike and the bus travelled to LaGrange county to take part in the Stroh Days Parade today. The great folks of Stroh welcomed Mike with waves and handshakes on the whole route. It was a spectacle of kids throwing and catching candy, smiles at seeing a school bus on a gorgeous summer day, and so many of Mike's former students showing him support! The whole day was a great example of how wonderful the small towns of LaGrange and Steuben counties truly are. 

Mike featured on statewide podcast, Turn Left

dana black.png


Mike joined Congressional candidate Roger Day for a video podcast episode of Turn Left, hosted by Indiana's own Dana Black. Turn Left puts a spotlight on Democrat issues on candidates that might otherwise fall through the cracks. Always entertaining and always on point, Dana highlighted the need for folks to pay attention to what is happening in state politics, for it affects people the most. Mike, despite some spotty internet, spoke about the need to put a limit on public funds being used for charter schools and voucher programs. Check out the whole thing, link to the left.

First parade of the summer at Fremont Music Fest


JUNE 25​

    Mike and the bus made its first parade appearance as Team Travis joined the Fremont Music Fest Parade today. With kids throwing candy from its windows and decorated with signs of the Steuben County candidates, the bus was a crowd pleaser. Mike and supporters handed out informational literature to the people of Fremont and had a great time shaking hands and meeting people along the route. He then met folks in the crowd that afternoon, enjoying  the great local musicians and entertainers at the Music Fest. 

Mike supports Steuben Pride Fest


June 18

Mike attended all parts of the 2022 Steuben County Pride Fest today. After listening to LGBTQ speakers as well as from the pastor of First Congregational United Church of Christ in Angola, Rev. Nikki Shaw, Mike joined the large march of fellow LGBTQ Pride supporters to the event itself, held at Selman Pavilion. Democrat Mayor Dick Hickman dedicated the event, pledging Angola to be a city that respects LGBTQ residents and their families. Mike and other Democrats manned a booth at the event, highlighting the Democrats continuing support of LBGTQ issues.


Mike joins US Candidates to rally Steuben County Democrats at Summer Dinner



     Mike joined federal candidates Gary Snyder and Mayor Tom McDermott for the Steuben Democrat Summer Celebration dinner held at the Selman Pavilion this evening. An excellent meal catered by Sutton's Deli was followed by remarks by all candidates.

     US Senate candidate, Navy veteran, and Hammond Mayor McDermott was first, having to leave early to attend another event, and spoke of the need to truly honor veterans by passing legislation to help them once done with their tours of duty. He also called for reform with cannabis laws, supporting federal laws to legalize it. 

     Gary Snyder, candidate for US house of Representatives, reminded voters that he also supports teachers, veterans, and the working class,  and made clear that his incumbent opponent Jim Banks  does not. It's time to fire Jim Banks.

     Mike was given the honor of the final speech, and focused on the need for Democrats to stand up and do the work necessary to elect Tom, Gary, and him into office. Republican ideas and policy are divisive, tone-deaf, and simply not helpful to the every day people of Indiana. Mike made clear that the typical Republican voter is not an enemy, but rather been misled by the GOP leadership for too long. Democrats need to be proud of their party and work to provide voters a viable choice in elections. Only then will change for the better happen.


Mike attends Memorial Day event in Angola


MAY 30

     Mike again joined Angola residents at the Steuben County Soldiers Monument today, Memorial Day, to honor those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for America. Five term Democrat mayor Dick Hickman addressed the crowd, followed by speakers from the American Legion. A twenty-one gun salute  and the playing of "Taps" ended the ceremony.

     We cannot forget those who died in the call of duty, for to do so would be to forget why they did: to honor and protect the ideals of liberty and justice for all. We must also pledge to do all we can to keep war from taking future generations from loved ones, also for the sake of the fallen. Providing peace and security is the goal, not never-ending destruction and bloodshed, after all. 

Mike wins spring primary election!

results 2022 primar.png

     Democrat voters in LaGrange and Steuben county chose Mike Travis to be their candidate in November in the primary election today. He now will face Denny Zent, the incumbent Republican, in the November General Election. It is a contest Mike is ready to face, especially after learning so much from his experiences during the primary. People are ready for a change, and Mike is ready to do the job for truth, for results, and for families.

Rain not stopping Team Travis from listening to Angola citizens



     Steady light rain on a grey morning did not deter Mike and supporters from knocking on residents doors all across Angola today. Even more people joined Team Travis in the morning, enjoying meeting new folks and catching up when visiting folks they already knew.


     But no matter who Mike and Team Travis listened to, again the message was consistent. Angola loves their public school system and wants to stop the disrespect and loss of funding shown by the statehouse over the past decade. ​They also want to see Angola grow, but with respectable housing all people can afford. 

     As Mike continues to walk and go to the people of Steuben and LaGrange counties, he is more and more convinced that it's time for a change in our state legislature, and Mike is ready to be that change, a representative that will listen to and help out everyone.

Mike on stage at Steuben County Meet the Candidates event


Mike had the honor of being the final speaker at the Steuben County Meet the Candidates event, hosted by the Steuben County Chamber of Commerce at Trine University's Fabiani Auditorium this evening. The event was well attended and many spoke, as there are numerous contested primary elections this year, both for Republicans and Democrats. 

   Mike and his primary opponent Jestin Coler were asked about two issues. First they were asked about cannabis legislation. Mike told the crowd that his main concerns were restoring public education and adding more respectable affordable housing in our cities and towns, but he has been hearing growing concern about the legalized cannabis in Michigan causing issues in Steuben and LaGrange county, commenting that to ignore the cannabis issue was like sticking our heads in the sand, Mike also noted that nothing would happen about cannabis in Indiana until there was a change in the statehouse and governors position. 

     Mike was also asked about education issues, and he repeated his pledge to put a cap on the charter and voucher expansion and return funding and respect to our public schools. As a teacher with 22 years of experience, he has seen what privatization voted on by Denny Zent and the rest of the Republican supermajority has done to public schools across the state and to our local schools. Voting for a change would be voting to restore trust and faith in public education.

    Denny Zent, the incumbent Mike hopes to run against in the fall election, was present early during the event, but left early from the event, absent when given recognition by the event coordinators. 

Educators join Team Travis to canvass LaGrange


APR 25

     It was another beautiful day for Team Travis as educators walked with Mike and other supporters around downtown LaGrange today. Mike heard from residents about the same issues he's been hearing about since the start of the campaign: we need more affordable housing and better funded public schools. Message heard loud and clear.


     Mike was also happy to see so many saying that it didn't matter the political party, one should vote for the better person to do the job. Mike's willingness to go to and listen to them face-to-face meant more than any thing else. 

Canvassing begins for Team Travis



Team Travis  knocked on doors and listened to people's concerns in downtown Angola today. Mike and supporters enjoyed the beautiful spring day meeting lots of good folks and listened to their concerns about respect for public education and the need for more affordable housing in the county. This event is only the first scheduled for the weeks leading up to the primary election, and its success bodes well for the rest of the campaign.

Local Democrats meet Mike for breakfast



A sizable crowd of Steuben County Democrats gathered at Sutton's Deli to meet the candidates on their ballot in the May primary. With a number of contested positions, attendees had much to digest, besides the excellent breakfast. Local and county candidates spoke first, followed by Mike and his opponent, Jestin Coler.

Mike first focused on his long tenure as a public servant as a teacher for 22 years at Prairie Heights, his record of leadership as a past president of his local teacher's association, and his dedication in helping Democrats win elections since the Obama campaign of  2008. He then stated his main platform of restoring public education, providing more affordable housing, improving mental health services, and implementing a state pre-K program.


After speaking, Mike joined Democrats in meeting Gary Snyder, candidate for US House of Representatives. Mike was happy to find out Gary grew up near Mike's hometown of Mulberry, IN, and happier to hear his positions on veterans and education. 

Campaign adds mass media to the mix



     Mike spent time at WLKI studios today to record a series of radio ads to be aired on WLKI and Thunder Country over the upcoming weeks. Beloved radio host Andy St. John showed him the ropes and after an enjoyable hour of recording, three spots will be ready for air soon.

     These radio ads are important for people to get to know Mike and what he stands for. He wants folks to know he will listen to, help and represent the people of LaGrange and Steuben county.  

LaGrange educators meet with Mike



     LaGrange county educators educators took time from their already busy lives to tell Mike about their experiences, hear about the campaign, and volunteer to help. Mike knows from experience the negative impact state laws have had on our public schools, and heard the same loud and clear at the event.

     Our public schools have lost billions of dollars of funding due to ever expanding charter and voucher programs.  Teachers want this to end, and Mike will work to rein in those programs and make all schools that receive public funding follow the same regulations as our traditional public schools.

Anti-education bill dies, as it should have.


    Thanks to the work of many folks, divisive legislation like House Bill 1134 was stopped at the statehouse.

     Educators, parents, and Hoosiers stood up to the Indiana Republican Party’s culture wars and won. Now, we need tohold the GOP accountable in this fall’s elections. 

     When elected, Mike will always oppose efforts that designed to erode trust in public schools. Our public schools are the backbone of our communities, and deserve better than what's been done to them over the past decade. It's time for a change.

Permitless Carry goes too far. 


With the passage of HB1296, allowing permitless carry of firearms, Representative Denny Zent has made another disappointing vote. Rather than listen to professionals who know, his vote has led to the passage of a bad bill, one that Governor Holcolmb should not sign into law.

This is not a partisan issue. The highest ranking police officer in Indiana - Superintendent Carter, appointed by a Republican - has roundly denounced this measure. How could Mr. Zent vote against the police’s wishes? Is it because a majority of Hoosiers want Indiana to be like the Wild West?

The truth is that multiple polls have shown that up to 90% of Hoosiers do not want no-permit carry laws. Why is that? It's because most Hoosiers are decent, caring people who know that gun violence is an epidemic in this state.

State Senator Sue Glick, a fellow Republican, voted against this bill, by the way.

A responsible gun-owner would agree that having a system of well-regulated licensing leads to better public safety, not the other way around. Mr. Zent’s seems to disagree.

Mike Travis starts his campaign in a blizzard


     Mike braved the blizzard, got to Indy on time, and filed as candidate to be the State Representative for LaGrange and Steuben County. For over twenty years, Mike has lived, loved, and lost with the good people of LaGrange and Steuben counties and feels it's time for a change in how we are represented in Indianapolis. Mike wants to be that change and represent all the people in the district, not just the few.

     After filling out the proper forms and filing them on time, Mike assisted his primary candidate, Jestin Coler, who was also filing after driving though the snow to the state capital building. Mike helped Jestin navigate the capitol building halls and offices, ensuring they both made the deadline to be on the primary ballot in May.

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