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    Mike has lived and worked in LaGrange and Steuben County since getting a job in 2000 to teach 6th grade Social Studies at Prairie Heights Middle School.  He felt drawn to the area since becoming friends with Lakeland High School graduates while attending Purdue University. Mike had also spent time at Pokagon State Park, and gazed across Lake James, wondering what it would be like to live on that lake. He later would. 

     Over 20 years now, Mike has lived in and around Angola, teaching at Prairie Heights, coaching Track and Field, and playing music with his old friends in LaGrange county. He grew to love his new home and met the love of his life while acting on the stage. Becky and Mike have two children that continue to amaze them. They feel truly blessed to have the successes that have come to them, and they know that only happens from being a part of the community of LaGrange and Steuben County.


     These successes only came with hard work. For over twenty years, Mike has worked above and beyond to ensure our kids have been safe, secure, and well taught while in his care.  This same time, he has worked to make sure our public schools and educators were being treated fairly as a negotiator, representative, and local president  of the Indiana State Teachers Association. He has also worked with the people of Prairie Heights school district to pass a referendum, without which the school would have to fire numerous educators and cut essential programs.

     Whether it be in the classroom, the principal's office, the School Boardroom, a packed auditorium, the protest line, or the Indiana Statehouse, Mike Travis has been a strong and respected voice for the people and children of LaGrange and Steuben County. Now he wants to go one step further and be their voice as State Representative.

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